Revealed: Our top 4 patio slab recommendations for 2023

Patios. For many of us, it’s the place we spend our summer laughing with friends, dining with family, or perhaps taking a moment to simply unwind.

For that reason, it’s worth putting some thought into the overall look of your outdoor space. But with so many patio slab designs, materials and layouts to consider, where do you possibly start for inspiration?

Luckily for you, we’ve already answered that question. All that’s left to do is grab a notepad and sink in your deckchair because here’s our top 4 patio design ideas for 2023.

Indian sandstone slabs

Smooth and contemporary, the Indian sandstone slab is a sure-fire way to add a clean and crisp finish to your patio. Available in a host of shapes and sizes, they’re the perfect slab to contrast with aggregated feature areas for a professional and personalised finish. Phwoar!

Carpet stone cobbles

Offering bucketloads of charm and versatility, carpet stone cobbles are the perfect choice for a traditional finish. Ideal for circular feature areas for courtyard suntraps, this small-but-mighty stone is guaranteed to add layers of warmth, class and texture to your patio.

Grey porcelain tiles

Mimicking the appearance of natural stone, the grey porcelain tile is a low-maintenance option for a cool and contemporary look. As a non-porous slab, they’re not prone to any build up of moss or algae, which means you can spend less time cleaning and more time chilling.

Black limestone slabs

The black limestone offers a refreshing alternative to your standard white and beige tiles. Dark and distinctive, its hard-wearing surface provides a perfect contrast to floral beds, adding depth and distinction to your outside area.

So there you have it, our top 4 patio slab recommendations for 2023. If you’d like to know what slab is best for your garden or want to book a FREE design consultation, get in touch today.

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